Arat Hosseini Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, GF, Family, & Much More

Arat Hosseini Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, GF, Family, & Much More

Arat Joseni is an Iranian soccer player, athlete, Instagram Star, and internet sensation. He is a child famous for his amazing athletic skills and soccer skills. It became the first time he became famous when his father posted a video of his hard workout training.

Arat Hosseini Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, GF, Family, & Much More

Now slowly and slowly he has become popular all over the world. He is followed by thousands of people on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. His skill can shame every adult man. He has a completely torn body with perfect abs. There is a lot of information not available about him yet, so let me tell you some amazing facts about it.

Arat Hosseini appearance

Jose Nini trained himself well and now has a body like Bruce Lee. We are not kidding because he has a muscular body perfectly. He has good abs and can easily embarrass an adult.

Arat Hosseini's body measurements

He has long brown hair and dark brown eyes. The height of Arat Hosseini is 1.17m (3ft). He has a muscular body structure and weighs about 19.9kg (44 pounds). To achieve all this, he made a lot of effort and constantly tried.

He strictly adheres to the diet plan prepared by his father. Arat’s diet is rich in good protein as it is always the protein you need after a busy workout.

Arat Hosseini Family and Education

The man is an Iranian and was born in Tehran, Iran in 2013. 7 years old; as in 2020). Arat Hosseini is a cheater and his father Mohamad Mohamad is helping prepare for his dream. The child also has a sister named Ayda Hosseini.

Arat Hosseini with his mother

Before becoming famous, he lived in his hometown, where he attended a local high school. Currently, he is in Liverpool, England, and attends school as the Instagram image shows. He lived there with his father and his mother and sister lived in Iran.

Lesser facts known about Arat

  • Arat Hosseini’s Instagram account is full of his amazing videos and has about 3.6 million followers.
  • His favorite football player, Lionel Messi, watched his video. He thanked him and said, “Gracias Arat !! Veo mucho clase ahi, impresionante! Abra Joe !! ”.
  • In addition to Messi, Will Smith shared his video on his account and appreciated his dedication.
  • FC Barcelona is also a fan of our little champion, as he recognized his talent and posted his post on an official account.
  • In 2019, we celebrated our birthday with world-famous Turkish chef Burak Özdemir.
  • When trying to juggle a soccer ball, his goal was to juggle the ball 400 times, but he cried after reaching 360 degrees.
  • He also met famous people and in 2019 met Nusret, also known as “Saltbae”.
  • Some people think he is a girl because of his long hair.
  • He loves animals and has a dog called Arthur.
  • His father is a gym trainer.
  • We estimated his net worth to be about 800k.

Arat Hosseini instagram account