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Fahriye Evcen is a German-Turkish actress, model, and TV personality. She is best known for her role in “Yaprak Dökümü” based on the novels of Reşat Nuri Güntekin and the Love Bird (Çalıkuşu) TV series is also based on the novels of Reşat Nuri Güntekin.

Fahriye Evcen in Yaprak Dökümü
Fahriye Evcen in Yaprak Dökümü


Love Bird (Çalıkuşu)
Fahriye Evcen in Love Bird (Çalıkuşu) with Burak Özçivit

Fahriye Evcen Biography

Fahriye Evcen was born on June 4, 1986, in Solingen, Germany. She is 34 years old as of 2020. She attended the Department of Sociology at the Heinrich-Hein University in Duesseldorf but left the university a year later to focus on her acting career in Turkey. Then she enrolled in Boaziçi University in Istanbul and graduated with a degree in 2014.

Fahriye Evcen Biography

About her family

Fahriye did not disclose information about her parents. She has siblings: Aysen, Demet, and Nese. Her childhood wasn’t very interesting because she had to face the Nazi standards when the anti-Turkish riots began in Germany.

She had to spend time in the ambiguity of darkness with her family and stay home more often than not maintaining a strategic distance from imaginable catastrophes. Despite all the inconvenience, Fahriye Evcen managed to get two college degrees related to sociology and management.

Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye Evcen marriage/Husband

Fahriye Evcen and Burak Ozcivit got married at Sait Halim Pasha Mansion in Istanbul on June 29, 2017. Burak Ozcivit’s Witnesses are producer Timur Savci, and the Bride’s Witnesses are Banu Savci. The couple chose the Maldives for their honeymoon.

Fahriye Evcen marriage

Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evcen got married

Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evcen got married

On 13 April 2019, they blessed with a baby boy, named “Karan Özçivit”.

Fahriye Evcen kids
Fahriye Evcen son Karan Özçivit


Fahriye Evcen son Karan Özçivit

Fahriye Evcen Career

Fahriye Evcen made her career debut in the Cennet film released on April 11, 2008. She starred in the movie Aşk Tutulması that same year. Fahriye appeared in the TV series Çalıkuşu, produced by TİMS Productions, where she played the actress Feride, and the actress showed off her abilities.

Fahriye Evcen first movie Cennet
Fahriye Evcen’s first movie Cennet

In 2011, Lying Spring / Yalanci Bahar was aired alongside Fahriye as a performer of Zeynep in Turkey. Her personality was her spouse and mother, taking care of her family and maintaining her profitable business.

Fahriye later appeared in the film AÅŸk Sana Benzer. She was active in the TV series Olene Kadar opposite Engin Akyürek in 2017 and played more in the movie’Sonsuz Ask’.

Fahriye Evcen movie Sonsuz Ask
Fahriye Evcen in Sonsuz Ask

Fahriye Evcen Dramas/Movies

  1. In 2005: Never Forget
  2. In 2006: Hasret
  3. In 2006 – 2010: The Fall of the Leaves
  4. In 2007: The Heaven
  5. In 2008: Love Eclipse
  6. In 2010: Being Italian with Signora Enrica
  7. In 2010: Takiye: Towards the God
  8. In 2011: False Spring
  9. In 2012: You Are My Home
  10. In 2012: Farewell
  11. In 2013: LoveBird
  12. In 2014: Love Resembles You
  13. In 2014: Kurt Seyit and Shura
  14. In 2017: Eternal Love
  15. In 2017: Until Death

Net Worth

  • Fahriye Evcen Net Worth: $10 Million

Fahriye Evcen’s Salary:

  • Yearly: $1,000,000
  • Monthly: $83,333.33
Fahriye Evcen Social media followers
  • Fahriye Evcen has 10.6M Followers on Instagram as of June 19, 2020.
  • Fahriye Evcen has 458.3K Followers on Twitter as of June 19, 2020.
  • Fahriye Evcen has 51.7K Followers on Facebook as of June 19, 2020.

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