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Haroon Rasheed Dar was born on 25 March 1953. He is 67 years old as of 2021. He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan currently. HaroonurRasheed.com is his website, where he shares his views judgment formed about something, based on facts & knowledge.Haroon Rasheed Biography

Haroon Rasheed journalist is a retired Pakistani cricketer who played in 23 Tests and 12 ODIs from 1977 to 1983. his age, He is known as Haroon ur Rasheed his age is 67 years old. as per now in 2020, his twitter name is ہارون الرشید  User Name @haroon_natamam

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As per information, journalist Haroon Rasheed started his new career as a columnist after cricket field known as most people search as Haroon ur Rasheed columns to read his columns day to day updates, he left the Dunya News channel & join 92 News HD. He seems a lot Now with 92 News in program Muqabil With Haroon Ur Rasheed by 92 News HD. As per today’s update march 30 2020.

As a child, he attended the Church Mission School (CMS) in Karachi. Also, he is writing daily Urdu columns & Seen in many talk shows as mentioned below.

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Negative News about journalist Haroon Rasheed, on April 29, 2019, that Haroon Rasheed Columnist Sold to 92 News. by a youtube channel named The One Man Army. Well, no comments about it.

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Haroon Rasheed is Pakistan’s most experienced journalist and column writer. You can find all the Urdu columns in Haroon ur Rasheed that are updated daily in Darsaal. Darsaal’s Exclusive section fetches the Urdu column based on all the famous Urdu writers in Pakistan, including Haroon ur Rashid, now associated with Dunya News, but seems in 92 News.

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Career Details

As a product of Muslim Gymkhana in Karachi, Haroon Rasheed journalist brought it for the squad, but in 1978 he was exposed to a moving ball. Rasheed, however, was creepy in the Jamaican test of 1976-77, and most of the top order was afraid of a strong West Indies attack. Now he is a writer and an expert adviser too in the talk shows.

Except for the posters from Worcestershire, one of the only two families in the world had seven siblings playing a first-class cricket match.

Past career history. In 1984 Haroon quit first-class cricket and joined United Bank. In 1988, he coached United Bank U19s, became U19’s national selector and coach, and chose Shahid Afridi, who lived nearby. Later he was asked to send a replacement for an injury to Pakistan in Kenya, where Afridi was dispatched, and made the historical 102 (37).

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