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Kaan UrgancıoÄŸlu is a  Turkish actor. He is famous for his role in the show called “Tutsak“. Along with the show, Kaan produced many films such as “Ispanaktan NaÄŸmeler”, “Son Ders: AÅŸk ve Ãœniversite” and “Gerçek Olamaz”. UrgancıoÄŸlu has worked on more than 24 TV shows and series.


A series called “Love 101” was released on Netflix on the 24th. The theme of the show is drama comedy. The show is popular on Netflix. He was Mert Yazicioglu, Bade Iscil, Alina Boz, Selah Heartin Pasali, Müfit Kayacan, Ipek Filiz Yazici, Kubilay Aka, Pinar Deniz and Rae Varela.


His Physical appearance

Urancıoğlu is a tall person and the height of Kaan Urgancıoğlu is 1.82m. His weight is about 170 pounds (77 kilograms). He is one of the handsome actors in the Turkish film industry. Due to his bold personality, he starred a lot. He has a large amount of elastic brown hair.

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He is a non-vegetarian and always eats high-protein foods. Kaan UrgancıoÄŸlu keeps the beard and sometimes shaves clean. When he asked the secret behind his stamina, he replied “cycling.” Kaan loves to ride a bike and considers it one of the best workouts.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu Family

Kaan Urgancıoğlu was born on 8 May 1981 in Izmir, Turkey. He is 39 years old as in 2020. There is a younger brother named Can Urgancıoğlu, so he is not the only child of his parents. I graduated from a private school in 1999.

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That year he decided to move to Istanbul for further study. There, he entered Marmara University and received a bachelor’s degree.

Later after graduating, he decided to become an actor and that was the reason for moving to the United States. In the United States, he received formal acting training to help improve his acting skills.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu GF/Wife

The actor did not reveal the name of the woman he was dating. In May 2016, he posted the image on his Instagram account. In the photo, we can see him sitting with an unknown girl. Kaan Urgancıoğlu posted an image with the subtitle “The Lady”. All of this is confusing, but I am hoping that she will be his girlfriend.

There are three pretty women in his life so far, but there are many other sources that say we can’t say anything because we don’t do so much about this.

One of the things we observed in his Insta account is that he mostly posted images of architecture and landscapes rather than his own.

Dramas and Movis done by Kaan Urgancıoğlu


  1. KaraoÄŸlan (2002).
  2. Kampüsistan (2003).
  3. Avrupa Yakası (2004).
  4. Yeniden Çalıkuşu (2005).
  5. Körfez Ateşi (2005).
  6. Sessiz Gece (2005).
  7. Seni Çok Özledim (2005).
  8. Gülpare (2006).
  9. Apoliolsam (2006).
  10. Azap Yolu (2006).
  11. Tutsak (2007).
  12. Limon Ağacı (2008).
  13. I Lulic (2009).
  14. Canım Ailem (2010).
  15. Düriye nin Güğümleri (2010).
  16. Bir Ömür Yetmez (2011).
  17. Leyla ile Mecnun (2011).
  18. Du Schumann Cardersler (2012).
  19. Son (2012).
  20. A.K.K. (2013).
  21. Filinta (2015).
  22. Endless love (2015-2017).
  23. Jack Ryan (2018).
  24. Love 101 (2020).
  25. Alain: Descarada nın Güzelliği (TBR)


  1. Isfa Camel or Meller.
  2. Ä°lk AÅŸk (2006).
  3. Son Ders: AÅŸk ve Ãœniversite (2007).
  4. Büşra (2009).
  5. Pesche (2010).
  6. Panzehir (2014).
  7. Uzaklarda Arama (2015).
  8. Baron 2 (2019).
  9. Gerçek Olamaz (2019).

Some hidden facts about Kaan

  • After acting school, I returned to Turkey and started fighting. He soon played a major role in the show called “KaraoÄŸlan” in 2002.
  • People liked him very much and this is why Kaan UrgancıoÄŸlu continues to work in movies and shows.
  • His second show was “Kampüsistan”, released in 2003. Other famous shows include “Yeniden ÇalıkuÅŸu”, “Seni Çok Özledim”, “Ah Polis Olsam”, “Düriye nin Güğümleri” and “Jack Ryan”.
  • Kaan’s net worth is about $ 1.5 million, or ₺10.4 million.
  • Taking care of his talents and acting skills, he got his first job in the movie “Ispanaktan NaÄŸmeler”. The movie was later released in 2005.
  • He has worked in many films such as “Son Ders: AÅŸk ve Ãœniversite”, “Uzaklarda Arama”, “Gerçek Olamaz”, “Baron 2” and “PeÅŸpeÅŸe”.
  • His younger brother looks like the same twin.
  • He likes tracking and bushwalking.
  • Kaan UrgancıoÄŸlu is a Peripatetic and his favorite places are Venice and Miami.
  • Demet AkbaÄŸ motivated her to start her career as an actor.
  • Next year, she will appear in “Alane: Descarada nın GüzelliÄŸi”.
  • He is also a great photographer, which is why there are so many landscape images on his Instagram account.
  • Kaan loves bands and wristwatches.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu Social media followers

  1. Kaan Urgancıoğlu has 1.6M Followers on Instagram as of 24, May 2020.
  2. Kaan Urgancıoğlu has 58.9K Followers on Twitter as of 24, May 2020.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu social media accounts