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Lexi Underwood is an American actress, singer, film director, and model. She started her career at the age of 10. Lexi did many movies and shows. She also has a record as a stage artist (theatre). In “Attention” she played the role of a queen bee, and in “Family Reunion” she appeared as Ava.

Family Reunion

In 2020, she starred in a new series called “Little Fires Everywhere” streaming from Hulu. In this show, she worked with actors such as Reese Witherspoon, Jordan Elsass, Kerry Washington, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Actress Jade Pettyjohn.

Lexi Underwood Little Fires Everywhere

During this period, Underwood quarantined as an epidemic spends time communicating with fans through the Twitter handle. She made followers follow a small video and ask for an answer.

Physical appearance

Lexi Underwood is in his teens and has a cute face. She is a very stylish person and appears in her sight. Looking at Instagram DP, you can find her wearing a beautiful yellow dress. She wore this dress when she attended a press conference at the Four Season Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

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She is famous for her long brown hair. Lexi Underwood is a talented actress and is 5 feet 1 tall, 154.94 cm tall. She sometimes exercises to maintain fitness and weighs about 52 kg (114.6 pounds). As she said in the Twitter video, she meditates every day.

Lexi Underwood family and education

The actress in the “Little Fires Everywhere” series is from Chevalley, Maryland, USA. Lexi Underwood was born in 2003, Lexi Underwood’ age is 17 years as of 2020. She is the daughter of an African American mother named Stephanie and a Caucasian white father named Alex Underwood. Therefore, she belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

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Lexi Underwood Alex Underwood With Her Father

Lexi is still studying and is in the last year of school. She lives with her parents in Maryland and attends a local high school there. We cannot find any material about her siblings, so we assume that she is her only parent.

Love history and boyfriend

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She has a group of co-actors with her friends and loves to spend time with them. The recent interaction with fans via Twitter explained that she was socialist, not shy.

In her life, she is a very strict and trained person, saying it is the rule of success. Lexi Underwood is single now and does not date any man. People joined her actor and her name, but there was no confirmation from her side.

Lexi Underwood made a professional theater debut in November 2013 with the famous work of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol at the Ford Theater in Washington, DC on November 10, 2013. Underwood performed on December 15, 2014, at a Christmas carol in America’s Magoo for an American actor’s museum fund, Directed by Peter Flynn and musically directed by Emmy Award winner John McDaniel (musician). In November 2015, Lexi Underwood played a musical theater role throughout his life as Young Nala in Disney Theatrical Productions The Lion King (musical), produced by Julie Taymor.

Lexi Underwood Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Husband, Family, Movie, TV Shows, & Much More

Lexi Underwood performed with the Lion King Gazelle North American Touring Company from January to August 2015, and Broadway played the same role.

Underwood debuted on October 14, 2014, in the Person of TV, a CBS series interested in the role of Queen Bee. Underwood appeared on Code Black as Emily Campbell, daughter of Dr. Campbell. Henry Danger of Narlee; Play A Prank With Nice Nancy Raven’s house by Shannon Reynolds; David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special as Paige (speech) Animation Bento Box Entertainment; And as Athena, Will Vs The Future, Traveling Time, the Warrior rebelled in the future.

Lexi Underwood all TV Shows list:

  • 2014-Person of Interest
  • 2016-The Crooked Man
  • 2016-Code Black
  • 2017-Henry Danger
  • 2017-The Nerd Posse
  • 2017-Walk the Prank
  • 2017-Raven’s Home
  • 2017-Will Vs The Future
  • 2017-The David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special
  • 2018-The Good Doctor
  • 2019-Family Reunion
  • 2020-Little Fires Everywhere

Lexi Underwood all Movies list:

  • 2014-Forgotten Happiness
  • 2014-Dance-Off
  • 2016-Half-Caste
  • 2017-Girl Minus
  • 2017-Dirt
  • 2018-If Not Now, When

Lexi Underwood Net worth

Her Net worth is $1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.) as of 2020.

Some hidden facts about Lexi Underwood

  • As a child, my father used to teach music as mentioned in the interview.
  • Slowly she became interested in the art field and is now a well-known artist. She describes herself as a singer, actress, and filmmaker.
  • So far, she has worked on 12 shows and 6 films. One of her films was “Forgotten Happiness”.
  • The film helped her earn recognition and starred in another movie “Dance-Off” in the same year (2014).
  • After that, she played roles in many films such as “Half-Caste”, “Girl Minus”, “Dirt” and “If Not Now, When”.
  • At this small age, she has done a great job and her net worth is estimated at around 800k.
  • In the TV industry, Lexi got her name.
  • You’ve probably seen her on shows like “The Crooked Man”, “Code Black”, “David S. Pumpkin Animation Halloween Special”, and “Good Doctor”.
  • In 2019, she debuted on Netflix and worked in a series called “Family Reunion”.
  • She admitted that acting helps to learn how to work without fear and how to raise your voice.
  • She likes Harry Styles.
  • Underwood is a keen book reader.
  • In addition to the actress, she is also interested in filmmaking and directing.
  • Lexi Underwood appeared in NOEMI Magazine.
  • She has a production company called “Ultimate Dreamer Productions”.
  • Her parents call it “Little Miss Dema Lodge Car” because of her rigorous daily skin care routine.
  • In the interview, she admitted to being a night owl because she had to work on the script. She starts at 9 PM and sleeps at 5 AM.

Lexi also has a Youtube channel, she has 491 subscribers on his Youtube channel as of Jully 12, 2020.

Her Youtube account


Lexi Underwood followers

  • He has 106K followers on Instagram as of Jully 12, 2020.
  • He has 11.1K followers on Twitter as of Jully 12, 2020.
  • He has 774 followers on Facebook as of Jully 12, 2020.

Lexi Underwood’s social media accounts


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