Mac P Dawg Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Family, & Much More

Mac P Dawg Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Family, & Much More

Mac P Dow was a rapper and singer based in Los Angeles, USA. He wasn’t so popular, but he was gaining fame and his career was growing.

You can check out his song by visiting his YouTube channel. Dawg made songs such as “Salt Shaker”, “Money Walk” and “Same Kind”.

On 7 Shoreline Mafia declared in April 2020 about his death in an Instagram post. He was shot. Now the police have not identified the cause of his death, but someone has shot him but confirmed the death.

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Mac P Dawg Biography

The rapper Mac P Dawg was born in Los Angeles in 1996. He was 24 years old; as in 2020). He has been a rebellious child since childhood and fell into a bad society during school. Currently, we don’t have any data about his father and mother, but we want to collect it.

He has no siblings as far as we know, and to this day he has not posted images with his family other than his girlfriend. He said he was dropping out of college and some even dropped out of school.

Mac P Dawg physical appearance

Mac P Dawg physical appearance

He always wore a black hat and his hair was very short. You can almost call it bald. The Mac P Dawg was short and only 5 feet 7 tall.

Mac P Dawg Career

Dawg was a friend of many famous rappers like Shoreline Mafia and Fenix ​​Flexin. Because I was interested in lapping. There are also many songs written and sung by Mac P Dawg. In 2019, they released their first song called “Money Walk”.

The song was released only on YouTube and watched by 2.16 million people. He gained popularity, earned income, and, according to our knowledge, had a net worth of about 300k.

After getting a good response at first, he released many other songs such as “Salt Shaker”, “Same Kid”, “Let Me Know”, “Fenix ​​Flexin”, etc. All of them are hits and some have over 2 million hits.

Mac P Dawg girlfriend

Mac P Dawg girlfriend

We saw Mac P Dawg with the girl in his image and people wonder if she is his girlfriend or not. Dawg said he was dating a girl he met in 2018 and said, “I accepted this by posting an image with a caption I’ve never folded myself a lot. Love and respect for life. Happy 1-year mom ”.

Now you can easily understand what the relationship is between the two. Dawg is very popular on social media. He has an Instagram account with 108k followers. He could see taking pictures with his friends.

The man looked like a rapper. He had little facial hair and a smooth beard. He wore loose clothes such as loose jackets, shirts, and pants. We can’t say that he has a great sense of fashion, but it seemed okay.


  • His real name is Jordan Carter.
  • He was a drug addict. Open your Instagram account and you’ll see lots of images with marijuana, cigars, and other substances.
  • Mac P Dawg was used for Sprite (cold drink).
  • There was a tattoo on his right tricep.
  • Last year (2019) he had his first music tour.
  • He was a fan of Emmy em.
  • His YouTube channel has over 17,000 subscribers.

Mac P Dawg has 29.1K subscribers on his Youtube channel as of May 29, 2020.

Mac P Dawg Social media followers

Mac P Dawg has 122K Followers on Instagram as of 20, May 2020.

Mac P Dawg has 20K Followers on Twitter as of 29, May 2020.

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