What Are The 3 Main Types Of Insurance

Do you ever thought that if you are dead who will take care of your family?? Have you ever thought that your family will need assistance?? Maybe your children move towards drugs? How gives money to your parents or wife? Who will take care of them? Who knows how much time he will live or not?? How they will manage after your death?? Did you ever notice that their lives become hell?

If you are the only guardian of the family who earns and takes care of the family. Then you have to make a backup plan for the family that gives comfort to loved ones after your death. Let’s consider being a father you have not given one month’s bill the electricity, gasoline bill, water bill, or grocery bill. Then what is the condition of your family members especially your parents, wife, and children?

Then how can you bare their situation and condition? It is similar emotion and condition that your family faces after your death. The alternative method for relief from these worries just simply moves toward insurance.

Now here is the question what is insurance, who gives the concept of this, and is it necessary? Insurance is a policy that is governed by a different organization, you have to pay money according to the need or your satiation. This payment may be annual or monthly. It totally depends on your income or the will of the client. But the role of the insurance company is to give a plane or mention the planes which clients want to pay.

There are many kinds of insurance some are given below

⦁ Life insurance
⦁ Marriage plan insurance
⦁ Fire insurance
⦁ Business insurance
⦁ Pet insurance
⦁ Motor insurance
⦁ Land insurance
⦁ Travel insurance
⦁ Health insurance

Educational insurance:

First of all, insurance is the process through which you purchase the plane according to your family structure and resources. For example, if you are weird about your family’s education then you will move towards the educational plan.

Land insurance

And the most important, if you are aware of the society and know about the economy of yours specific country and also have the knowledge about it, is tough for you to manage a house or any land which you wants to purchase. Then you will move towards the land insurance.

Marriage plan insurance

If you want to make your child’s wedding day happen and have many dreams about their special day, you also know about the living conditions and salary. The most important thing is your life! Do have a grantee to live as long but the answer is not confirmed. By considering wishes and reality that you face in near future. You have to work on it by taking marriage plan insurance.

Fire insurance

This insurance is specifically designed for those people that are feared of fire. Might be possible they are going through this before or observed that situation in the surrounding. In both cases, this will effect on client’s choice. Such kind of person gives money for the surety of help if they go through this.

Travel insurance

As we all know that is no certainty about life. It May be possible if you cross the road and crash with a car or heavy traffic then what will happen to your family. How they will manage money for your treatment. Do you have someone who sponsors your treatment unfortunately there is no one? You have to manage this on your own self.

Insurance is a policy that is governed by a different organization, you have to pay money according to the need or your satiation. This payment may be annual or monthly. It totally depends on your income or the will of the client.

Health insurance

As we all know that there are many diseases are being introduced now, some are acute and some are chronic. Such kinds of diseases are transferred from generation to generation. Let’s discuss different kinds of diseases including heart attack, sugar, vascular problems, and kidney problems. Sometimes viral attacks such as the coronavirus affect almost 6 billion people. Those who have health insurance get free vaccination, treatment, and medicines. So it’s beneficial to some health insurance.

If you have a disease that’s treatment is expensive and you have to move to another state for the treatment then the affiliated company has to manage your visit and treatment.

Pet insurance

If you have a pet and are worried about the wet bills then you have to take assistance from pet insurance which is beneficial for your pet. The payment procedure depends on the client’s income and most importantly pet diet and activity. So do not worry you set the payment procedure to monthly and annual bases.

Business insurance

The most important and well-known kind of insurance is business insurance. For this purpose, you have to submit your business paper and article about the business. And the mostly condition is that have to share business money or profit. If you disagree by sharing personal profit then you can set the margin that’s on monthly and annual bases.